Peter Pan Characters

Peter Pan Characters --- In the Story by J. M. Barries, Peter has many personality traits that are not very nice. He is boastful, cocky and careless and is always telling everyone how great he is. He has a wild "devil may care" attitude.

That said, one of his strongest good qualities is that he is a very brave young man when facing danger. He says "To die will be an awfully big adventure".

One of the things that Peter worries about is 'growing up'. He fears that being an adult will not be any 'fun'. That is where the name of the stage play came from ("The Boy That Would Not Grow Up").

Peter Pan Characters From The Book

Peter Pan and Wendy

Peter Pan And Wendy --- "Peter and Wendy" was the name of the first book published that was adapted from the stage play. In the story, Peter meets Wendy one night and she helps him re-attach his shadow. He convinces her and her brothers to go back to Neverland with him. These two are the lead Peter Pan Characters in the story.

Peter Pan Characters, Tinkerbell from Peter Pan

TinkerBell from Peter Pan

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell --- The author describes Tinker Bell as a Tinker Fairy that takes care of fixing kitchen pots and pans. When she speaks, it is in fairy talk which sounds like bells ringing to non-fairies. She is described as sometimes being spoiled and bad tempered. At other times she is helpful and kind, especially to Peter.

Peter Pan Caotain Hook

Peter Pan And Captain Hook --- Captain James Hook is the captain of the pirate ship "Jolly Roger". He is a graduate of Eton, a very prestigious boys school in England. He is forever correcting people around him for having "Bad" manners.

He wears an Iron hook in place of his right hand. He lost his hand in a sword fight with Peter. When the hand fell into the water it was eaten by a saltwater crocodile. The crocodile so loved the taste of the hand that he is forever following Captain Hook hoping to get the opportunity to eat the rest of Captain Hook.

Peter Pan Pirate Ship Deck

Peter Pan And The  Pirate Ship --- The Pirate Ship is named the JOLLY ROGER. It is the only home of Captain Hook, Mr. Smee and the Pirate Crew. It is the base where Captain Hook plans all his nasty tricks and the only place in Neverland where He, Mr. Smee and the Pirate Crew are somewhat safe.

This is a picture of Peter Pan and Wendy on the deck of the  Pirate Ship. Wendy has been captured and tied to the mast. Peter is trying to rescue Wendy while the pirate crew is occupied by some other event Peter had cooked up.

Peter Pan Crocodile

Tick Tock Peter Pan And Crocodile --- The crocodile is a very dangerous, large saltwater crocodile. He plays an important part in the Story. He has a nick-name of Tick-Tock because at some earlier time he had swallowed an alarm clock and the clock makes a loud tick-tock sound where-ever he goes.

Captain Hook had his right hand cut off in an earlier sword fight with Peter. The hand had fell in the ocean and was eaten by the Crocodile. It tasted so good, the crocodile decided he wanted some more of the "Delicious" Captain Hook. So, where ever Capt. Hook goes the Crocodile follows with the hope of catching that delicious meal. Problem is, that every time he gets close, the Tick-Tock from the clock warns Capt. Hook and he is able to escape.

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