Dragon Coloring Pages

To do good Dragon Coloring Pages, the first step is to find some good dragon drawings. We have some good drawings in "How to draw Dragons". If you do draw your own dragon pictures, they should be able to be "dragon printable coloring pages".

How To Open 
coloring page will typically open in the Adobe Acrobat application (see screenshot). Check the size of your paper is set to Standard Letter or A4 and that your orientation (portrait or landscape) is appropriate to the design you are printing. Simply select how many copies you want and hit the print button!

Since this is not about How to draw a Dragon, We will include several dragon pictures for you to be colored. These will be taken from several different sites for dragon coloring sheets. We have divided these pages in to 2 classes: "Simple" and "Not so simple".  Then at the end we have included some extra pages.

Simple dragon drawings are usually line drawings that are not complicated and do not have a need for any shading. We have included 2 such examples. First is a small drawing better for colored pencils and the second larger, better for crayons.

Click on pictures below for sample of simple dragon drawings that are printable coloring pages.

Simple dragon drawings
Cartoon drawing of a dragon

The above are samples of Simple dragon drawings.

The next two are not so simple dragon drawings. The first is a small dragon picture that would probably be better for colored pencils. It could be enlarged when printed so as to make it easier to color.

The second is a larger picture but a lot more complex. It has a lot of small areas to be filled in and scales on its back that could be shaded for additional effect.

Wyvern Dragon Drawing
Larger detailed dragon sketch

The above Samples are of "Not so Simple dragon drawings"

More Dragon Coloring Pages

3 Good Dragon Coloring Sheets--- These are three examples from a good artist that understands what is necessary for doing good dragon coloring sheets. These 3 dragon pictures get more complex as you get farther down the page.

Click on drawing for the full size printable coloring pages.

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