Are Fairies Real ?????

Are Fairies Real?  Well... Hmmmm, we can't prove it scientifically.

Is there Proof?  Many people believe they have seen them and
maybe even  touched or interacted  with these "Wee Folks".

The first known existence of fairies is based on folklore from the
fae of medieval Western European.
They are often identified with a variety of beings of other mythologies.

Do they exist?   We think they do!  Our belief in Fairies, 
just as our belief in Santa Clause, comes from our hearts, not
from our minds.  There are many factors that contribute to this belief.

  • The people that believe they exist,  
  • The people that do not believe they exist,
  • It depends on the time in history they live, 
  • The country they live, 
  • Their age at the time. 
  • How they think and live.  

We  Think They Are, BUT! it depends?  Are Fairies Real? Take a look at what we think.

Are Fairies Real?", of course. The Fairies of today are believed to be small, delicate and feminine. While most people can't see fairies, some children do see  them. Some people can see the actual fairies, while others see a white misty shape.  Still others see colored lights and some can even sense their presence. They like to live near meadows or gardens or in a fairyland. They do interact with humans sometimes, but not only with good intentions.

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Are They Real? Why are they always female? Tell Us!

Answer these questions IF YOU DARE!
Orrrr.... Send pictures or experiences or stories, especially if they are written by you.

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why are they real? why are they always female? 
I've never seen a fairy but fairies are real because our reality is created by us, so if we think fairies are real and strongly believe in it then …

fairy real  
holle fairy real real fairy today and see one home love see moer all fairy real real firy good moer moer . …

Just curious...

I've believed mostly all of my life. Dream of flying often, love nature and ice cream etc.Recently I got many healing crystals and started wearing one …

Are They Real? Are they always female?  
I have never seen or heard of a male fairy in a fairy tale. Have You?

are they real 
well ever since I was 4 years old I believed in these fairy things because once I saw one in my garden when I was picking tomatoes and I saw something …

Real, see my YouTube Channel Not rated yet
They're real, however, I believe they are part of the angelic realm. I've been filming tiny angels in our skies for there years now in NJ. Warm weather, …

Everyone has seen a faerie, here's why. Not rated yet
My name is Irisa Kennedy, a 28 year old woman who whole heartedly believes in Faeries. Ever since I was a kid I wanted to see fairies, but …

Magic is real Not rated yet
Only today did I stand up in front of everyone and explained what it is like to believe in fairies and to trust in mother nature. Also male fairies are …

Fairies are Real Not rated yet
They are so real and this blog is written so well that for some reason nothing made sense. I don't know why. but it feels like this was written by a 12 …

Almost always female, yes. Not rated yet
I know of a group of fairies from the Heartland that are planning on a "reveal" to the public this next spring, 2019. Mostly female, yes ~ one male fairie …

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