Chinese Dragon Drawing

Archaeologists have found a Chinese Dragon Drawing on clay earthenware and on Jade that dates back to the stone age. The drawings were drawn with human faces and reptile legs on snake like bodies. Because the snake was worshiped as a God at this time, these drawings were thought to be taken from the snake images. The image of the Chinese Goddess Nuwa is an example of one of these Drawings.

How to do a Chinese Dragon Drawing

A Dragon Drawing can be simple or as complex as you would like. Since the Asian Dragon is by far the most well known of dragon art.  The major difference between Japanese and Chinese dragons is how their feet are drawn.  The Chinese dragon has four toes, while the Japanese have only three toes.  We will include samples of Chinese dragon Art.(See Pictures).

Some of the most important things to remember When doing a drawing of an Ancient Chinese Dragon:

  1. The dragon symbol is one of good fortune and a sign of intense power.
  2. It is the main character in Chinese Legends and Chinese Folklore.
  3. It is a very important subject for Chinese Dragon Art.
  4. The Chinese Dragon is one of the signs of the Chinese Zodiac. It is a Chinese symbol of good fortune and the Chinese Zodiac sign of intense power.
  5. The Chinese Dragon is the fifth cycle of the Chinese Calendar and is called "The Year Of The Dragon".
  6. The Chinese New Year Dragon is an integral part of any Chinese New Year Celebration.

Here  is a step-by-step guide on how to do a Chinese dragon drawing. This is a simple method for drawing one:

  1. Start with the head: a. Sketch an oval shape for the dragon's head. b. Add two curved horns extending from the top of the head. c. Draw two large, almond-shaped eyes. d. Add a curved line under the eyes for the snout, and draw a small, rounded triangle for the nose. e. Sketch a big, smiling mouth with sharp teeth visible. f. Draw a beard-like shape underneath the mouth, consisting of a series of curved lines. g. Add two whiskers on each side of the snout, resembling long, curved strands.
  2. Draw the body: a. From the back of the head, sketch a long, wavy line for the spine of the dragon. This line should undulate, creating an "S" shape. b. Mirror the first line with a second wavy line, starting from the chin, to form the underside of the dragon. The two lines should gradually get further apart as they extend toward the tail. c. Add curved lines connecting the spine and the underside to create segments for the body, giving it a more organic appearance.
  3. Draw the legs and claws: a. Add two sets of legs, one near the head and one near the tail, with each set consisting of two legs on opposite sides of the body. b. Sketch the legs as muscular, with curved lines to show the joints. c. At the end of each leg, draw three or four sharp claws.
  4. Add the tail: a. Continue the wavy lines from the body to create the tail, making it taper off to a point at the end. b. Add a flame-like shape or tuft of fur at the tip of the tail for a traditional touch.
  5. Draw the scales and other details: a. Add a row of large scales or spines along the spine of the dragon, starting from the head and ending at the tail. b. Sketch smaller scales on the body and legs, using a combination of "V" or "U" shaped lines.
  6. Add the finishing touches: a. Erase any unnecessary guidelines or overlapping lines. b. Ink your drawing with a pen or marker, and add shading or colors to bring your Chinese dragon to life.

Feel free to use your creativity and make your dragon unique by adding or modifying details as you see fit!

More Complex Chinese Dragon Drawing

We will include a site that can teach you how to draw this Chinese Dragon pictured on the right. Link to "How to a Chinese Dragon Drawing"

Chinese Dragon Drawing

Here is You Tube video that takes you through many steps to get a final drawing of a Japanese dragon (3 Toes).

Chinese Black Dragon

To the left is a very complex drawing of a Japanese dragon.(Three Toes)  Below is a complex drawing of a Chinese dragon. (Four Toes)

Dragonchinese Red Dragon

If you do decide to draw one of these magnificent fantasy creatures,  remember that, for thousands of years, people have been doing these just for their own enjoyment.


In summary, Chinese dragons are mythical creatures that play a significant role in Chinese culture and folklore. They symbolize power, strength, and good fortune. To create a Chinese dragon drawing, start with the head, then sketch the body, legs, and tail, and finish by adding scales, details, and colors. Finalize your drawing by reviewing, shading, coloring, and adding any desired background or context, and don't forget to sign your work. By following these steps, you can create a unique and vibrant Chinese dragon drawing that showcases your artistic skills and appreciation for this traditional symbol.