History Of Dragons

History of Dragons indicates the word Dragon comes from the Greek Language and is described as a huge serpent, a python.History Of Dragons

History of Dragons mu include ancient dragon drawings and early dragon sketches, that show that dragons are some of the oldest of the mythological creatures. They appear in the cultures of virtually all peoples back to the beginning of time. Dragon fables, from these cultures, have created many of these great beasts giving them a lot of different attributes.

History of Dragons indicates the word Dragon comes from the Greek Language and is described as a huge serpent, a python. See more

In these early cultures, Dragons appear to be created from parts of various animals. Most were described as having eagle's feet and bat wings, lion's legs, alligator or snake head and tail, fish like scales extended to the head and maybe horns.

Medieval or European
History Of Dragons

The medieval Dragon is large and has a lizard or snake body with 4 lizard legs. It sometimes has wings and is able to blow fire. A dragon that has no front legs and walks on it's back legs is called a Wyvern.

These Ancient Dragons are sometimes known as European dragons or Draco. They are portrayed as evil, and fierce man-eating reptiles that have a tail and wings. They have the magical ability to fly and breath fire. These characteristics tend to be very dangerous and can literally destroy many of the Middle Age villages.

According to Western folk tales from the renaissance, these dragons have some strong magical abilities. They collect treasure and gem stones from the villages they sack and guard it very ferociously usually in a cave.

Parts of Africa consider these mythical creatures to possess an evil power and believed them to be the result of the unnatural mating of an eagle and a she-wolf.

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Chinese Dragon History

Chinese Dragons occupy a very important position in Chinese mythology. The origin of Chinese dragons is unknown, but certainly predates the written history as told in Chinese dragon tales and dragon fables.

Unlike the evil dragons as told in dragon fables of the western world, Oriental Dragons are regarded as very good beasts. Chinese Dragons are thought of as divine beasts.

In Eastern philosophy, the Dragon is said to deliver good fortune and be a master of authority. According to the Chinese Calendar, the people born in Dragon years are to be honored and respected.

Chinese Dragon Drawings

Ancient China Dragons show up in Dragon Art, literature, poetry, architecture, songs, and many other aspects of the Chinese conscience.

The Lung dragon, in Chinese mythology, is one of four main animal figures that were seen to be or rather believed to be well-meaning or were symbols of good luck. Of these the dragon, probably because of its obviously powerful image, became a symbol of the Chinese emperor.

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