How To Draw A Dragon

A mythical creature with this many weird characteristics, it might be fun to learn how to draw a dragon

Chinese Dragon Drawing

If you want to learn how to draw a dragon, you must picture a dragon image in your mind. When we think of Dragon Images, We usually think of the ferocious Medieval Dragon from Dragon movies, Fairy tales and European folklore. 

Other popular types of Dragon Images that come to mind are the Oriental dragon images. The Chinese dragon is the best known of these dragon images.

The Chinese dragon images are very complex as you can see in this dragon picture. We will leave the task of doing a Chinese dragon drawing for another time.

Learn how to draw a Dragon

It helps, when learning how to draw dragons, if you understand the process of how to do mythical dragon drawings.

If you wish to learn to draw a dragon, you will find that it easier as a first step, to do pencil drawings dragons. 

Start with simple dragon drawings then maybe do a dragon sketch. You should practice doing many simple dragon drawings and some dragon sketches. From there, you can start doing complex pencil drawings of dragons. This dragon drawing practice should help you a-lot with learning about how to draw dragons.

Draw Dragons for Free

These are examples of pencil drawings dragons. They show you how easy it would be to draw a dragon for free. As you can see, there are both complex pencil dragon drawings and simple dragon drawings.

Simple Dragon Drawings

Another important use of these simple dragon drawings is to be used as dragon coloring pages. If we do dragon drawings to use as dragon coloring sheets, they should be able to be dragon printable coloring pages. In the following lesson, we learn about pencil drawing dragons. When it comes to learning about pencil drawing dragons, it's a good idea to use some sort of guideline to help you out as you progress. Establishing and maintaining proportion early on will make things a whole lot easier down the road.

(The following lesson was taken from See below):

First Step - How to Draw a Dragon's Structure: When I began creating this lesson, I had a simple image of a green dragon' in mind. As I progressed though - I thought it would be neat to give this one a special power.Basically - this dragon has the ability of 'poison'. Each of the orange areas (nails, spikes, etc.) are highly toxic and are very useful to it in battle.

In your case - as you work through the lesson, feel free to change aspects of your picture. You might give your dragon the ability of 'ice dragon' or 'fire dragon' or 'fire breathing dragon' or maybe something else. Get creative!

Here's how to draw the framework of your dragon...

Dragon Drawing 1
Dragon Drawing 2
Dragon Drawing 3

Similar to other dragons, the core parts are easily sketched in as three circles (actually an oval for the head). In your case though, make sure you use lightly sketched pencil lines as you map out your framework. This way, they're easily erasable when it comes time for the permanent ones.

OK - let's keep going...with pencil drawing dragons lesson at this link ... 

How to Draw Dragon - "Step Two"

Samples from other sites.

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