Great Fairy Locations

A Fairy Forest

Great Fairy Locations are in a spot of great beauty that is  deep in a much larger woodland.  Fairies pick these areas for their beauty, a place  where they, and other enchanted creatures, may feel safe and secure. It is rare that we mere mortals are able to recognize a place in the forest that may be sacred to the enchanted folk. Look!

If you look, you  can sometimes spot a place in the forest that appears to be ideal for fairies.  If everything is just perfect and you are lucky enough, a fairy might be spotted.  It depends a great deal on the fairies.  Some are more shy than others.  Here are some photos of places we feel you might find a fairy.

Photos of Great Fairy Locations ??


Where might I find a fairy, 
Would I find one by a tree?
Could I catch it with my camera,
Would it be afraid of me?

If I could make myself so tiny
and not appear so big,
I would be so very quiet,
I wouldn't snap a twig! 

Even so, I doubt my chances,
Of getting just one shot,
I would need a lot o' luck,
A magician I am not!

So, IF...... I found a fairy,
Would I find one in a tree?
Could I catch it with my camera,
Would it be afraid of me?
A poem written by my wife, Sherry Imm.
She is also the photographer of these beautiful photos.

A perfect place for a Fairy Garden
Is This a Fairy Home?

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As you walk through the woods and see scenes like you see in these three pictures you have to wonder, are there things that we don't understand out there, is that a fairy forest?
  The top picture is a perfect place to stop for for any kind of creature to get a tranquil rest.  
The second is a picture of great fairy locations, both close and far, that must be home to  creatures that are real and mythical beings that we call fairies.
The third picture is of someone's home.....Maybe ???

Find The Fairy

Look at these two photos.  Look closely! In the first photo, I think I may actually have caught the image of a fairy! Are you looking in the lower right corner of  the first photo? There it is!  The fairy disappeared as soon as it was discovered, hearing the click of my camera...

A Special  Forest in Utah

There is a place in Utah that is known as the  Fairy Forest.  Located  in the woodlands along the Mirror Lake Highway, there is a small area in this forest that looks like an ideal place for fairies to inhabit.

Fairy lovers from all over recognize this and have set up hundreds of miniature fairy displays to try and attract real fairies to this place. There are fairy dwellings, fairy gardens, painted rocks and even fairy rings. Were all these things set up by fairy lovers or ARE FAIRIES REAL?!

Have you seen a fairy forest? Any Fairies?

Please tell us about what you have seen Share it! Send pictures, Write a story or build your own web page.

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