Why Fairies?

Why Fairies? To explain our choice of topic, Sherry and Bill thought you'd like to go behind the scenes to meet the "real" folks behind All About Fairies.

A bit "About Us" should shed some light upon the subject!  Because we are so smitten with the world of "fantasy" creatures, we are also responsible for 'About-Fairytales.com'.

"Why Fairies?" About Sherry

It all started as a small child, with an avid interest in fairy tales--especially Peter Pan...I spent countless hours trying to fly like Peter, finding just the right hill to run/jump off, fully expecting to take-off and soar into the sky! If that had happened, I would have been in BIG trouble with Mom, as I was not yet old enough to leave the security of our backyard! I doubt I had thought it through, but if I had, believe me, it would have been worth it! 

In later childhood, my best friend and I re-enacted fairy tales-- Rapunzel was a favorite! We alternated playing the roles of Rapunzel and her Prince. Tying Mom's cast-off nylons end-to-end, (recreating Rapunzel's long, golden-blonde hair--the end fit neatly over our heads:), Rapunzel sat on the top step of the basement stairs. "Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair, so that I may climb the golden stair."  

Then, there were horses! Although I didn't own one until adulthood, I rode when I could and read every horse-themed book I could find. If I could combine my obsession with flying, love of fantasy and horses, what would I have? Why, Pegasus, of course! Honorable mention would include Hippocampus (a sea-horse that pulled Poseidon's chariot), unicorns (horse-like creatures with magical powers) and Shadowfax (the horse ridden by Gandalf the White, in J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings), just to name a few! 

"Why Fairies?" About Bill

Bill's interest in "fantasy" started with "Lord of the Rings". His obsession created a monster (so to speak), and he can enumerate "Lord of the Rings" trivia ad nauseam !  

Bill has a lengthy background in computer website-development and design--and a wicked sense of curiosity (which has caused a great deal of trouble at times) but has served him well with the hours of research required to build this site! In fact, Bill is responsible for the creation of All-About-Fairies.com (plus About- Fairytales.com) and its many facets.  Because I like to write and occasionally dabble in photography, Bill has asked me to "do my thing". You'll see my work and subtle touch here and there, too.       

So," Why Fairies", you ask? Why not?! We are so grateful that you, and so many others, have stopped in to see what we are about--it seems there is a natural curiosity (ask Bill) about fairies and the many fantasy creatures we have discovered and continue to explore on this journey...and, for the record, "fantasy" is NOT our word--just because you can't SEE it, does not mean it doesn't EXIST! Happy browsing!     --Sherry & Bill

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