Fairy are real

by Kanishka Aluvihare
(Gamapaha,Sri Lanka )

I hold a belief in the existence of fairies, and it's important to note that they are not always depicted as female beings. Throughout ancient religions and folklore, there are intriguing traces that suggest the existence of these mystical creatures. Fairies are often believed to reside hidden from human sight, dwelling in secret realms or possibly even parallel universes. In the context of Peter Pan, their journey to "Fairyland" via a star could be seen as a symbolic representation of a possible gateway to their world, akin to a stargate.

My belief extends to the existence of not only fairies but also other enchanting beings like unicorns, and the realm of magic. If presented with the opportunity to explore and discover these elusive entities, I would certainly seize it. However, I would be cautious about revealing such discoveries to the world, as history has shown that humans can be unpredictable and potentially pose a threat to these magical beings.

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