Why I believe faeries are real.

by Rain Long
(Rossville, IL, USA)

Hello! I am an 18 yo non binary persons from a small village in Illinois.

As a child, I can recall vivid memories of seeing faeries in my backyard, or at a playground in my village,, I've even had dreams about them.

Not all faeries are female, the ones I've seen come in different forms...

I've seen some that look more feminine, I've seen some that look more masculine,, and I've seen some androgynous ones as well.

Most had wings, and were small in stature at first, but eventually showed me that they could change sizes and hide their wings. In the vivid dreams I've had, I too presented as a faerie.. (I couldn't see myself, but I knew I had wings, and I flew, danced, sang, and talked with them in a language I only understood in my dreams.

Outside of dreams, yes; I have seen them personally!! It's been years, so you could say it was child like imagination, but if you were to ask any of my family, they could also tell you that it was no joke..

I used to run to my grandmother, telling her I had seen the most beautiful person with butterfly wings, and she would assume it was just a pretty colored butterfly. (She is a christian)

Ever since, I've only had one or two other vivid like dreams with the fae, or with me being able to fly.. I actively search for answers because it honestly makes me feel like I'm crazy sometimes!!

I have a very spiritual connection to the earth. I love to dance, sing, cook and appreciate the small things in life..

Can someone help me out with this? I genuinely wish to find the truth, and see if I can connect to them once again on this plane of reality.. maybe they could be the answer to our worldly problems?

All of the bad things that have happened in recent years only showed up after it was widespread that we were Killing the planet (we still are, but from then until now it's been a very big social issue blasted online) ((which is good to make people aware, but in this circumstance I can't help but to feel that maybe the fae are leaving us, and taking the magic they have with them as punishment for our nasty behavior))...

Lovely day to all, pick up a piece of trash you find on the ground today <3

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