Almost always female, yes.

by Brad Roberts
(south-central Nebraska)

I know of a group of fairies from the Heartland that are planning on a "reveal" to the public this next spring, 2019. Mostly female, yes ~ one male fairie among them.

They are attached to an enchanted carousel and are very generous fairies - working with the carousel to provide funds for charity events and fund raisers.

They have entrusted me to tell their story, and I'm still putting it down on paper... they have had a rough journey (originating from out on the west coast). Due to unfortunate circumstances, they now call the prairie their home.

I'm still working at getting the proper photographic evidence and putting their story down in writing. But, I promise you, it will be worth the wait.....

(PS: I did read the guidelines, and have not included any links or promotional information. Just wanted you to know there should be some great photos coming along by the middle of next year.)

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