Everyone has seen a faerie, here's why.

by Irisa Kennedy
(Occidental California United States of America)

My name is Irisa Kennedy, a 28 year old woman who whole heartedly believes in Faeries.

Ever since I was a kid I wanted to see fairies, but chasing the idea of a little physical human being with wings was all I could imagine a faerie to be.
Yet I had, so many experiences imagining faeries. As an adult I decided to research the spelling of faerie vs fairy. And in doing so unveiled a bunch of research in celtic folklore. A rabbit hole of conversation points that I would love to discuss on later posts.
One main discovery was that many of the Irish versions of Fae and little people were inconsistent to the modern idea of a female with wings.
Upon researching, I found that depicting faeries as female figures with butterfly wings started during the renaissance. And was made especially popular by the art and imagination of Both Frances Griffiths & Elise Wright. However the authenticity of their work proved to be a reason for doubt on the validity of faeries themselves. There's reason why we need to be honest about our encounters with faeries,
they're NOT Santa Claus,
and they're
NOT "the tooth faerie"

A realization hit me one day as I was alone walking through the woods. I thought about meaning and symbolism in art, all the faerie depictions were all saying something similar, as if they're simply personifying the simple consciousness within a butterfly by showing it as a faerie.
"Of Course!" I literally said to myself outloud, as the realization began to sink in.
What better way to explain consciousness to a child then to show them a visual like this, and I could imagine a curious and innocent child about to catch a butterfly. When someone stops and says,
"no wait, it's a fairy dont you see? Its alive like you and me!" And even then the child can see, the similarity of the consciousness of all living things.
So too you could explain the life of a flower not in bloom. And if you could just simply understand that the metaphor includes all flowers, all butterflies, all the life living buzzing in between, and even gnomes for the more squirrely things... could we all not understand that we come from the same consciousness in the end?
Or do we need so much to see the exact physical copy of our physical nature..smaller and with wings.. to be satisfied..?
I am more than just a girl, I am the energy that is alive. When you realize that you are the same as every other living thing, then you realize it has nothing to do with looking human, and everything to do with being alive, and aware that you're aliveness matches the aliveness in all these other living things.
I've included these pictures because miraculous things happen when you share this awareness with moths and butterflies. They seem to be curious about those like me. This one landed on my hand and I offered it a flower, we walked from the forest to the garden near my house at the time. A long walk to have with a faerie friend.
I was lucky to have already set up a lively home in my succulent garden. It settled in, and mad its home in the top. Faerie friends are everywhere, they just want to be seen and recognized as equals.

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