Chinese Dragon Art

Chinese Dragon Art dates back to at least 4000 BC. Did dragons really ever exist as depicted in this early art? China’s history books have recorded many eyewitness accounts about the appearance of dragons, which makes it enticing to re-examine whether dragons truly did exist. Sorry to say, we can not examine that topic on this page.

Chinese Dragon Art and the Dragon itself, is an important spiritual symbol in Chinese Culture. It shows up in all parts of Chinese culture both today and in ancient China. The Chinese dragon has become a strong spiritual symbol for the Chinese people.

In Chinese mythology, they are associated with pagan religions and said to posses very strong magical abilities. These are magical powers that allowed them to control a lot of what we consider Mother Nature's Domain, rainfall, drought, storms and other things. They were believed to be well meaning and bringers of good luck. 

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Because of this reverence and the power of the dragon images, the Chinese dragon became a symbol of the Chinese Emperor.

The Chinese dragon images are revered and worshiped and displayed on many different art objects. This reverence of the Chinese dragon images dates back to 618AD.

Samples of Chinese Dragon Art

The "The Dragon King's Daughter" painting is of the heroine in a story that dates back to the Tang dynasty (A.D. 618-907). The story was repeated many times across Ancient China.

It is the story of how a human man named Liu Yi rescued the daughter of the Dragon King that lived deep inside Dong Ting Lake. The young man married the King's beautiful daughter and was rewarded with many riches and immortality.

Dragon King's Daughter
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Dragon King’s Daughter (Gohonzon #22, Eight Great Dragon Kings)
By Caroline R. Young

This a painting of Nuwa the Goddess. As you can see from the painting, she appears to be a beautiful woman. What is a little more difficult to see, is the fact that from the waist down she is half dragon.

The myth tells us that Nuwa lived not long after the world was formed by P'an Kun. To form this world he split the egg of chaos into Yin and Yang and grew the sky and earth taking about 18,000 years.

Nuwa and her brother Fuxi were the only intelligent beings on earth. Nuwa liked to create things. One of the things she created was people.

Chinese Dragon Painting of Goddess Nuwa
Chinese Dragon Painting of Goddess Nuwa
Artist Unknown

She made many people of yellow clay, but it was a slow process. To speed things up she took a rope and dipped it in mud. When she spun the rope, drops of mud fell all over the place. Men and women were formed from each drop of mud. She decided that the people formed from clay would be nobles and the people formed from drops would be peasants.

In Ancient China there are a lot of myths and stories about Nuwa and her brother Fuxi telling how they created things and heroic tales of defeating evil creatures.

Through out history from the most ancient civilizations, she is known as one of the oldest and most powerful female goddesses ever.

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