Elves exist in many cultures.

by Yusra Yusri
(Kuala Lumpur)

im not sure about faeries. but elves are long believed to exist in many cultures. not only icelandic people still believe in them, here in southeast asia the belief is still strong too.

from where im from (Malaysia) and in our language (Malay), we call elves as bunian. when translated, it means hidden people. the origin of bunian is believed to be a type of jinn (who are human-like) who are obedient of God and have long existed before Adam and Eve. there are others who believe that bunian are the result of intermarriage between humans and jinn.

just like according many cultures, bunian are said to be extremely beautiful and advanced human-like beings. although, its said that they are usually more pious than us humans, theres still a dark side to them too.
there have been many cases of people being disturbed by a puteri bunian (princess elf) when summoned. in malay culture, we have a song related to a summoning elf ritual thats descended to this day. its called ulek mayang.

recently i read a thread on twitter about a malay girl who started having disturbances by a bunian princess bcs she wanted to ‘befriend’ the girl. it all happened right after the girl listened and more importantly started to FEEL the lyrics of the song. so only listening doesnt do the trick, it takes some understanding of the lyrics and feeling the song. theres a history and background to the song which i wont explain unless you ask me to.

in the end the girl was taken to an ustaz (malay and practicing + pious muslim man with great islamic knowledge) to medicate her with Koran words and holy water(zamzam or water read with Koran’s Yaseen chapter). its to get rid of the bunian princess.

normally its easier to medicate people with bunian disturbances bcs as i mentioned.. bunian are religious. its usually harder to treat people who are possessed by darker and evil jinns. also here in southeast asia (especially thailand and indonesia), black magic is still strong. normal humans with evil intentions often meet a bomoh (people who practice black magic) to hire him/her to hurt their enemies. or sometimes use black magic to make the people they like become submissive or fall in love with them.

there are also some cases here in malaysia where the whole country believe people who mysteriously disappeared in the woods are actually kidnapped by a bunian princess. usually these people who disappeared are men known to be kind hearted and devoted muslims. there are articles on that but mostly published in bahasa melayu.

I can explain more about black magic or bunian if you want me to. For me, I do believe elves exist. Some people need empirical evidence to believe, but some others believe based on their intuition.

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