Fairy Milinia

Fairy MeliniaF102 Fairy Milinia Figurine

Fairy Melinia
"She's different!”, they say, but not in a mean way--and it's true, of course! Milinia IS different, not only in appearance but in her creativity.

Anyone with an eye for such things, will notice that her wings more closely align with those of a butterfly. I suppose if fairies had such a thing as a genealogy test at their disposal, Milinia would find some delightful surprises in her DNA! Those wings detach, too, for times when she wants to play “human”.

Milinia is dressed in pants, as opposed to traditional dress, so flattering to her figure that they appear to be painted on! In fact, she designed “her look”, right down to her matching gloves and tiny eye tattoo.

Milinia seems to have discovered a ladybug among the flowers, a symbol of good fortune--how lucky for her! 

A beautiful Fairy forest with lots of places to hide. Wait, is that a fairy hiding in this picture????
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