Fairy Darcy

F103 Fairy Darcy Figurine

Fairy Darcy In Love

This little lady, Fairy Darcy, is in love! Perhaps it is the bloom of Spring, perhaps it's too much nectar...regardless, something (or someone) has captured Darcy's fancy. 

She sits upon the head of a flower, the tip of a lavender hyacinth or maybe a “Nikko” hydrangea, deep in thought. The temptation is strong--shall she use her magic to further her cause, or rather, let “nature” take its course? It would be so easy to cast a little spell or sprinkle a bit of fairy dust! Isn't that what fairies DO? Those who believe in fairies think so, and those who don't are such fun to play with!

The memories, handed down through the ages, are tugging at her heart, calling her name: “Darcy”, they whisper…“You are a fairy! It IS your 'Nature!”


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