Fairy Products In The Attic

The Fairy Attic
Oh, the attic--that place where forgotten treasures are stored! You know the one...it's sometimes accessed via stairs or the ricketiest of ladders, causing great trepidation and racing heartbeat! Of course, that could be because the child in all of us is a bit fearful of exactly what is behind that seldom opened attic door! 

We slowly push the door open and it creaks, an eerie sound. First, we listen, and when we are satisfied, we boldly push the door open, and scan for light, whether it be at the flip of a switch (lucky you), a pull chain in the middle of the darkness, carried flashlight or simply ambient light from a window—and the magic begins!

The fairy collectibles, as individual as can be, beautiful in their own right, each with its own little story! I lose myself, once again, in the possibility, no-- probability of “real” fairies…

Oh, my! I'd forgotten about that horse collection...some belonged to my girls, others were mine as a child. The beautiful rearing palomino, front legs pawing the air, brings back memories of hours spent in a fantasy land, all my own!

The music boxes! I wind one, a whimsical fire extinguisher decanter, and listen to a sweet rendition of “How Dry I Am”…

Before I realize it, I've spent hours rediscovering forgotten treasures, and in the process, transported myself back in time, to a land of possibility!

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