Are Leprechauns real?

Are Leprechauns real? What does the word "leprechaun" mean? Let's see where the word "leprechaun" came from. One possibility is "luchorpan" defined as one who is short, small, or half-bodied. Another possibility is "luch-chromain" which means small Lugh; a Lugh is one of the heroes of a mythical early Irish race of little people. And yet another possible derivation is "leath brogan" which means shoemaker.

Leprechaun in the Garden

What are Leprechauns like?

If Leprechauns real, they are merry, industrious, impish, little sprites, who do all the shoemaker's work and the tailor's and the cobbler's for the fairy gentry. Their eyes appear mischievous with a little glint. Most any bush or hedgerows may have one hide behind it. Their bodies are very short but they can still move like a flash. This makes it almost impossible to catch one of the little fairies! When you do find one, he is usually intoxicated from poteen his home brew. Though they are drunk, they are not so drunk that they become unsteady with their hammer and have the quality of their shoe making affected.

The original leprechauns wore brown, green, tan or red clothes -- the colors of nature. Often you’ll see them in a studded leather apron and a wide brimmed hat that is red or green. They will have a leather pouch for their silver shilling and another for their gold coin. The silver shilling is magic and used for shopping. It reappears in the purse each time it is spent. The gold coin is used to buy their way out of trouble. This coin is another one of their magic tricks. It will become leaves and ashes after the bribe is paid and the leprechaun is gone.

Leprechauns have appointed themselves guardians of the old treasures that remained from the Danes when they ransacked Ireland. They buried the gold in big pots and large crocks. They knew that these riches of the Vikings had been taken through wicked ways. This made them distrust humans even more. The leprechauns decided that humans should not have the gold because of human greed. This is probably one of the many reasons leprechauns are so hard to find. They regard us as greedy, foolish and sometimes flighty. However, according to the stories, a rainbow will end where a leprechaun has hidden his pot of gold.

If real leprechauns are caught, they will promise their gold coin if allowed to go free or a person that catches a leprechaun may ask for his treasure. He will give it to the human in a bid to be set free. Treasure hunters can often track down a leprechaun by the sound of his shoemaker's hammer, however, leprechauns are often an invisible faery. They have the ability to turn into a swirl of dust and be gone.

How to catch a Leprechaun.

There are two things you should know if you are ever fortunate enough to catch a leprechaun: One, you can’t ever let them out of your sight; if you look away even for a second, they will get away from you. Two, you have to be careful, or they will try to trick you. So, are leprechauns real Perhaps; if we caught one, we could prove the point…so, how would you catch a leprechaun?

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