Gothic Fairies

Gothic Fairy Pencil Draw

Gothic Fairies are one of many ways the Gothic Sub-culture has of expressing themselves. The darker side of the fairy world is demonstrated by the gothic fairies. They are a departure from the softer more angelic fairies that are characterized in today's world. They are sometimes influenced by witchcraft, and even images of satan. The Goth movement is closely related to the punk movement with its somewhat aggressive styles.

Some other characteristics of this movement are, hairstyle, makeup, mode of dress and their own music genre. Probably the most wide spread notion is the idea that the 'ideal' of the subculture is to be a nonconformist.

The Fairy Drawings that show up in Gothic art demonstrate this. Here is a sample pencil drawing of a fairy. As you can see she is a Goth Fairy with Gothic attire.

Here is another example of Fairy drawings. She is a cute little Goth fairy with horns, devil's wings red eyes and an evil look on her face. These characteristics can be and usually are used in all Gothic art.

Gothic Fairies

Below is another example of fairy drawings. Here a goth fairy is shown holding a dragon. The dragon images that are similar to this dragon picture are from medieval dragons. The fairy pictures of the girl, As you can see, have devil horns, long pointy ears and that evil looking 'dark smile' on her face.

Goth Fairy With Dragon

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